Weekday Specials Promotion

Weekday Specials is a big guarantee tournament series that runs throughout the week. It consists of four of the most popular tournament formats in one series. With a total of $10,000 guaranteed every day, seize your chance to win thousands from your favorite tournament.

Weekday Specials run every Monday to Friday

Event Name Time (UTC+8) Buy-in Guarantee Minimum Players
Weekday Bounty 19:00 $25 $2,000 9
Weekday Hold'em 20:00 $50 $3,000 9
Weekday Omaha 21:00 $50 $3,000 9
Weekday Rebuys 22:00 $10 (Rebuy $10, Add-on $10) $2,000 9


Satellites to the Weekday Hold'em and Omaha are held Monday to Friday every week. Play the satellites to win a seat to the events at a much cheaper price.

Satellite Name Time(UTC+8) Buy-in Guarantee Minimum Players
Turbo Satellite to Weekday Hold'em 19:30 $10 2 tickets 6
Turbo Satellite to Weekday Omaha 20:30 $10 2 tickets 6