Game Features

All-in Insurance

This feature insures the favourite player against bad beats when All-in.

When a player’s odds of winning a hand exceed 67%, they can choose to accept All-in Insurance. This guarantees a set amount of compensation if they lose the pot, thereby reducing the variance and swings that come with more improbable hand outcomes.

Run It Three Times

Unique to GG Network, Run It Three Times (RITT) is an evolution of Run It Twice.

The purpose of RITT is to reduce variance for our players in races. When all actions have been completed but before the final cards are dealt, players have the option to agree to Run It Three Times. Both participants must accept to RITT.

Rather than a single set of final cards being dealt to determine the outcome, three sets of final cards are dealt, creating three different outcomes.

Shout Outs

Shout Out your Outs!

Shout Out the cards you need to win the hand and they will be displayed accordingly. This feature is designed to add a thrilling atmosphere to the tables. Shout the cards you need and watch your opponent tilt if you win!

Your Outs are displayed beside your live cards while the hand is live.

Rabbit Hunt

To Rabbit Hunt is to reveal what cards would have come if a player decided to play his hand.

Want to see if you would have hit your flush on the river? Use our Rabbit Hunt feature to expose what could have been.

Hand Moments

Hand Moments transforms every hand on GGNetwork into a ‘Moment’. A ‘Moment’ is a one-shot image comprising of all the action and results. This allows players to easily share Hand Moments on social media, and for hands to take on the excitement of a ‘play of the game’, with the entire story contained within a single image.


A Straddle is a blind raise by the first player to act preflop. A straddle doubles the big blind by adding an effective ‘third blind’. This greatly increases the action and excitement of a hand and gives the straddle a marginal advantage pre-flop, in that he acts last.

Show Cards

The Show Cards feature allows players to reveal their cards once the hand has ended.

It is designed to add excitement and is often used by our players to show their bluffs or legitimate holdings after uncalled bets. It enhances the social and psychological elements of Poker, allowing you to choose what to show and what to conceal to control your table image and put your opponents on tilt.